12-12-17 Fruiting Blue Fertiliser
High quality balanced compound fertiliser to support plant's overall growth. Made in Germany. Usage instruction : Use every 2 weeks, water after application. 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful for small plants, 1 to 2 spoonful for big plants. Brand: BNC Fertiliser...
Poly Fert 13-27-27 Fertiliser (500g)
All Poly Fert formula are water soluble with varying rations of active elements which have highly effective results and are widely used by agri-horticulturists. Poly Fert 13-27-27 comes with combination of plant hormones and mineral trace elements for orchids, vegetables,...
Mr Ganick 426 Melon Vegetable Organic Fertiliser
Bigger & fuller harvest Fortified with natural mineral Major ingredients : Sesame meal , feather meal , fish bone meal , palm bunch ash , fully-fermented compost, organic rock mineral , humic & fulvic acid , beneficial microbes Usage instruction...
Mr Ganick Algino K+ Organic Fertiliser (1KG)
Main BenefitsFoliar supplement of potassium to cure potassium deficiency. Enhanced fruits and crop quality, durability, weight, sugar/brix level.Healthy and vigorous crop.Increased retention of flowers and fruits.Enhanced tolerance to stress conditions, e.g. diseases and pests. Major ingredients : Micro-Alginic Acids &...
Mr Ganick VitaCa+ Organic Fertiliser (1KG)
Main BenefitsImproves fruit fullness and crunchiness. Treats calcium deficiency that causes symptoms like blossom end rot, splitting fruit, fruit drop or basal stem rot of vegetables.Enhances the formation and thickening of cell walls, to reduce the invasion of sucking insects...
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