Florabella Herb and Seedling Substrate (20L)
This Florabella Herb and Seedling Substrate is perfect for growing herbs and vegetables, with a fine structure for optimum aeration and drainage and a balanced composition of all the essential nutrients. Its formula offers ideal conditions for pricking out seedlings,...
Florabella Green Plant Soil (20L)
This soil is specially designed to help your foliage plants thrive. It's packed with valuable clay minerals and provides good drainage - just what your plants need to grow healthy and strong. With Florabella Green Plant Soil, you can give...
Adenium in Ø15CM Pot
Commonly referred to as desert rose, Adeniums are extremely popular locally due to how well they are suited to the hot & sunny climate here. Comes in a wide variety of cultivar with difference flowering patterns & colours. Botanical Name:...
$28.00 $22.00
Ficus Ginseng Bonsai in Ø30CM Pot
A popular Bonsai subject due to its small, waxy, oval shaped leaves. Grows best in full sun conditions and resistant to many insect pests. Keep an eye out on the leaves for fungal issues during seasons with excessive rain. Botanical Name:...
Mr Ganick VitaCa+ Organic Fertiliser (1KG)
Main BenefitsImproves fruit fullness and crunchiness. Treats calcium deficiency that causes symptoms like blossom end rot, splitting fruit, fruit drop or basal stem rot of vegetables.Enhances the formation and thickening of cell walls, to reduce the invasion of sucking insects...
Nutricote 13-11-11 Controlled Release Fertiliser
Nutricote the technologically improved controlled release fertiliser that gives your plants the nutrients they need when they need them. Unique Nutricote qualities: True control of nutrient release so the grower gets the most economical use of his fertilizer investment With...
Mr Ganick Algino K+ Organic Fertiliser (1KG)
Main BenefitsFoliar supplement of potassium to cure potassium deficiency. Enhanced fruits and crop quality, durability, weight, sugar/brix level.Healthy and vigorous crop.Increased retention of flowers and fruits.Enhanced tolerance to stress conditions, e.g. diseases and pests. Major ingredients : Micro-Alginic Acids &...
naturalGRO Omni Mist (500mL)
Broad-spectrum plant nutrients, amino acids and PGRs Non-toxic & pet-friendly insecticide, fungicide and miticide Activate various beneficial soil microorganisms Boost minerals uptake and nutrients absorption Excellent foliar coating performance  Proprietary blend of: Plant growth regulators (Auxin, Cytokinin, Gibberellin, Triacontanol), Kelp...
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