Spathiphyllum 'Sensation' in Ø25CM Pot
The largest cultivar of the popular Peace Lily plant, the 'Sensation' variety can to over a meter tall with large, broad leaves. An excellent statement piece for indoors spaces. A great beginner's choice due to the hardy nature, grows best...
Ficus microcarpa Bonsai 'Curved Trunk' in Ø35CM Pot
A popular Bonsai subject due to its small, waxy, oval shaped leaves. Grows best in full sun conditions and resistant to many insect pests. Keep an eye out on the leaves for fungal issues during seasons with excessive rain. Botanical Name:...
Philodendron 'Green Emerald' with 4-ft pole in Ø35CM Pot
A gorgeous & lush philodendron which can tolerate lower lighting conditions. Grows quickly with brighter lighting conditions & a pole to climb on to. Botanical Name: Philodendron spp. Common names: Philodendron 'Green Emerald' Watering: Moderate watering. Always check if top inch...
Black Pine Bonsai in Ø30CM Pot
Native to Japan & South Korea, Black Pine has been a classic Bonsai subject requiring patience & many years to properly train. Pine needles are sharp, always handle with care when pruning.  Botanical Name: Pinus thunbergii Common names: Black pine,...
Camellia azalea in Ø30CM Pot
A popular plant in the landscaping trade, Camellia azalea is in fact critically endangered in the wild where it is native to. It is also perhaps the only member in the Camellia genus that will flower in the local tropical...
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