Adenium in Ø25CM Pot
Commonly referred to as desert rose, Adeniums are extremely popular locally due to how well they are suited to the hot & sunny climate here. Comes in a wide variety of cultivar with difference flowering patterns & colours. Botanical Name:...
Dwarf Murraya Bonsai in Ø10CM Pot
A truly miniature version of the fragrant Murraya bush.  With a compact growth structure and tiny leaves, the Dwarf Murraya makes for an attractive Bonsai subject well suited for the local climate. Botanical Name: Murraya paniculata Common names: Dwarf Murraya, 千里香...
Ficus microcarpa Bonsai 'Curved Trunk' in Ø35CM Pot
A popular Bonsai subject due to its small, waxy, oval shaped leaves. Grows best in full sun conditions and resistant to many insect pests. Keep an eye out on the leaves for fungal issues during seasons with excessive rain. Botanical Name:...
Black Pine Bonsai in Ø30CM Pot
Native to Japan & South Korea, Black Pine has been a classic Bonsai subject requiring patience & many years to properly train. Pine needles are sharp, always handle with care when pruning.  Botanical Name: Pinus thunbergii Common names: Black pine,...
Snowrose Bonsai in 17CM Pot
Commonly referred to as Snowrose Bonsai due to the small white flowers, this variegated variety proves to be just as attractive even when not flowering. Grows well in full sun, do not allow the plant to dry out too much...
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