Thai Basil in Ø16CM Pot
A South-east Asian variety of the Basil plant, Thai Basil packs a much strong flavor and kick unlike the Sweet Basil commonly found in western cuisine. Thai Basil also grows well in the tropical climate, making it a great choice...
Jujube (Pokok Bidara) in Ø20CM Pot
An extensively cultivated fruit plant for thousands of years, Jujube plant continues to remain as a staple in many cultures as it is widely touted as a fruit with many health benefits. Grows well in the local climate, but can be...
Cat Whiskers in Ø16CM Pot
According to Indonesian and Malaysian folk medicine, bladder or kidney pain, gout, rheumatism and arteriosclerosis can be treated by drinking a decoction of leaves boiled in water. In Vietnamese folk medicine, a plant infusion is used to treat influenza, hepatits,...
Pomegranate in Ø25CM Pot
An unmistaken fruit packed full of seeds & known for high levels of anti-oxidants, the Pomegranate also has significance in many cultures being associated with prosperity or fertility. Botanical Name: Punica granatum Common names: Pomegranate, 石榴 Watering: Moderate watering. Always check...
Lime in Ø24CM Pot
A staple fruit in South-east Asian cuisine, the humble Lime is one of the many hybrid species in the Citrus family. As with other Citrus plants, be careful of the sharp thorns along the stem and branches. Grows best with...
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