Pomegranate in Ø25CM Pot
An unmistaken fruit packed full of seeds & known for high levels of anti-oxidants, the Pomegranate also has significance in many cultures being associated with prosperity or fertility. Botanical Name: Punica granatum Common names: Pomegranate, 石榴 Watering: Moderate watering. Always check...
Guava in Ø24CM Pot
Native to the tropical Americas region, Guava fruits can be eaten both raw or cooked. Grows easily in tropical climates & enjoys plenty of sunlight. Botanical Name: Psidium guajava Common names: Guava, Jambu Batu, Jambu Biji, Jambu Kampuchia, 番石榴, 芭乐...
Lemon Grass in Ø19CM Pot
Native to Southeast-Asia, lemon grass grows easily in the local climate and loves plenty of sunlight and water. It earns name due to the citrus-like scent and is also used to brew tea or in dishes such as Tom yam....
Lime in Ø24CM Pot
A staple fruit in South-east Asian cuisine, the humble Lime is one of the many hybrid species in the Citrus family. As with other Citrus plants, be careful of the sharp thorns along the stem and branches. Grows best with...
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