naturalGRO Omni Mist (500mL)
Broad-spectrum plant nutrients, amino acids and PGRs Non-toxic & pet-friendly insecticide, fungicide and miticide Activate various beneficial soil microorganisms Boost minerals uptake and nutrients absorption Excellent foliar coating performance  Proprietary blend of: Plant growth regulators (Auxin, Cytokinin, Gibberellin, Triacontanol), Kelp...
Gardener Leaf Gloss Spray (500mL)
Gardener leaf gloss is a new water-based, environmental and user friendly leaf shine spray which gives a natural-looking shine on your glossy-leaved houseplants instantly. Brand: Other Fertiliser Type: Liquid Application Type: Foliar N-P-K: - Origin: - Volume: 500mL
Mr Ganick 360 Plant Energizer Foliar Spray (1L)
Spray anytime! Absorbs instantly Apply with together with fertiliser for more effective nutrient absorption  General usage instructions: Shake well before use Use during morning or evening (Avoid to use it under hot sun) Spray once a week Spray on the...
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