naturalGRO Omni Mist (500mL)
Broad-spectrum plant nutrients, amino acids and PGRs Non-toxic & pet-friendly insecticide, fungicide and miticide Activate various beneficial soil microorganisms Boost minerals uptake and nutrients absorption Excellent foliar coating performance  Proprietary blend of: Plant growth regulators (Auxin, Cytokinin, Gibberellin, Triacontanol), Kelp...
Gardener Leaf Gloss Spray (500mL)
Gardener leaf gloss is a new water-based, environmental and user friendly leaf shine spray which gives a natural-looking shine on your glossy-leaved houseplants instantly. Brand: Other Fertiliser Type: Liquid Application Type: Foliar N-P-K: - Origin: - Volume: 500mL
Nature Hut Superplant Organic Plant Booster Foliar Spray (500mL)
Organic fertilizer Naturally repels pests Anti-bacterial fungal / mildew Boosts nutrient uptake Enriches soil immunity Our proprietary SUPERPLANT essence contains high levels of active beneficial compounds that act as superfood for plants to supercharge growth and immunity at all stages,...
Mr Ganick 360 Plant Energizer Foliar Spray (1L)
Spray anytime! Absorbs instantly Apply with together with fertiliser for more effective nutrient absorption  General usage instructions: Shake well before use Use during morning or evening (Avoid to use it under hot sun) Spray once a week Spray on the...
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