Plant products from local brands

Did you know that there are a number of local companies that develops gardening products? Support local brands today by choosing products that also helps your plants grow with more vigor!

Jenisis Vermicompost

Organic vermicast produced by earthworms feeding on chicken manure. Vermicastings are gentle to feed plants with so there's no risk of fertiliser burn. The high humus content & organic matter also helps with improving soil quality when added to your potting mix.


ECOBOOST Pure Black Soldier Fly Frass

A by-product from Black Soldier Fly farming which feeds on food waste, frass are the Black Soldier Fly's waste & leftovers. Organic insect frass is an excellent organic plant fertiliser since it does not smell like traditional animal manure. 

Arktivate Organic Bio Liquid Fertiliser

An innovation fertiliser product that contains millions of beneficial live microbes to improve soil quality and improve nutrient delivery to the plant. A perfect addition to soilless mixes to boost healthy microbial activity.


Nature Hut Superplant Organic Plant Booster

Produced from a proprietary blend of Citrus maxima wood vinegar & pomelo extracts. This organic foliar spray acts as an organic fertilizer, pest repellent, anti-fungal/mildew, boosts nutrient uptake & enriches soil immunity.

Plantonic 4-in-1 Foliar Spray

'Treat nature with nature'
Plantonic is an all-natural plant care product that takes care of the plant unlike no others. A 4-in-1 plant based organic fertilising essence that helps plants flourish by fighting pests and fending against diseases and fungal infections.

Biomax Organic Potting Soil

Organic potting mix made from coco peat, compost & organic fertiliser. This light weight & airy potting mix is suitable for most houseplants.

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